It all started when…

Fuel2Live Nutrition was created by Michelle Boutet, RDN, CSSD, LD in 2014 in an effort to help people learn how to fuel their bodies properly so they look, feel and perform their best.

Originally from Maine, Michelle moved to Boston in 2010 to start her dietitian career. Her education is extensive and includes a BA in Communication from the University of New Hampshire, after which she spent five years working in the marketing field. Desperate for a career change, she packed her bags and moved to Boston to enroll in the Registered Dietitian program at Simmons University. Once she completed this two year program, she was matched to a 12-month Dietetic Internship through the University of Delaware (required to sit for the RD exam). Her rotations were intense and comprehensive, and included providing medical nutrition therapy in Boston-based hospitals and clinics, menu and recipe creation in food service facilities, and nutrition counseling in a private practice, to name a few. Her first job as a Dietitian was for a well-known fitness company, where she built a unique nutrition program from scratch. After gaining some experience in the field and joining a CrossFit gym, she realized her true passion —> Sports Nutrition. She took her career to the next level and became Board Certified in Sports Dietetics (CSSD). Besides this credential, she is licensed and registered as a dietitian, and never stops researching and learning about all things food, nutrition and fitness.

Michelle has spent the past 7+ years working in the nutrition and fitness industry and has coached hundreds of people on how to improve their diets. From whipping up healthy meals in an industrial kitchen, to clinical work in hospital settings, to coaching CrossFit and providing sports nutrition counseling, she has learned first-hand the main challenges that lie between people and optimizing their diets. Her main mission is to help people streamline the healthy eating process from start to finish so they can live their best life (and still enjoy pizza).

She loves busting food and diet myths, providing grocery store insight, and simplifying meal planning.

Experience summary:

  • Healthy menu and recipe creation

  • Meal planning for special diets

  • Medical nutrition therapy for diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, overweight/obesity

  • Sports nutrition counseling

  • Fitness coaching

  • Group/individual weight loss

  • Culinary nutrition education

  • Executive and concierge medicine

  • Nutrition supplements

  • Research

An adventurous introvert and food lover at heart, Michelle loves recreating comfort meals at home with a healthy twist using simple ingredients. She enjoys trying new foods and restaurants, as well as indulging in local cuisine while traveling. In her free time you can find her lifting weights, walking the city, listening to podcasts, unwinding with “trash tv”, cuddling her cat, or soaking up lots of Vitamin D.